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How to Play Free Fire Without Using Emulator? First of All, We should know about Free Fire. Even though Free Fire is a mobile game, many players wish to play it on their computers as well. It is known that a player can run android apps on a PC or Mac by installing an emulator that simulates the Android device. The best emulators like Gameloop, Bluestacks, and Memory Play make your PC experience as seamless and lag-free as possible, however, it requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM for smooth gameplay.

As a result, many players with a low-end PC or laptop are looking for how to play Free Fire on their devices without using any emulators. There is no need to stress over RAM space because you can enjoy the game regardless.

Android Emulator – what is it?

An Android emulator simulates your mobile apps and games on Windows and Mac, supports Android stuff in the Android world, and it gives you a feel for the Android  OS.

Free Fire on PC: What makes it great

Without requiring an emulator, you can experience Free Fire on your PC in the same way as it is available on your mobile device. As a competitor, you will be dropped into a battle zone, where you will compete for 15 minutes to become the last survivor.

Additionally, running the game on a PC will improve the graphics, since you can access HDR HQ settings, while a bigger screen will provide a more detailed view, allowing you to target and find enemies more easily. Besides this, you will be able to target and destroy your enemies easily with the keyboard and mouse, since they have become accustomed to playing PC games.

What is the benefit of Garena Free Fire PC?

High-end graphics are commonly cited as a reason to play PC games. Garena Free Fire also offers high-quality graphics in its emulator/PC, much like the graphics in the PUBG Mobile emulator that allow players to use HDR HQ settings.

On top of that, the PC version’s faster movement allows players to feel like they’re playing on a PC.

What to do if you want to play Free Fire on your PC without an emulator?

The Google Web browser and ARC Welder (App Runtime for Chrome) extension are both required to play Free Fire on a PC without an emulator. The steps for downloading free fire to a PC without an emulator are as follows:

Garena Free Fire can be installed on the computer without using Android Emulator? The answer is YES, you can run the game without an emulator. A Chrome extension is all you need to play with Google Chrome.

Step 1. Your laptop or computer should open Google Chrome. If you don’t have one, I recommend installing one.

Step 2. The Chrome App Store has an extension called ARC Welder.

Step 3. By clicking on the Add to Chrome extension, you can download and install the extension into your browser.

Step 4. Playing games on an Android emulator can be done using an extension.

Step 5. A restart is required for your browser.

Step 6. Go to the Extensions tab and enable extension if it is not enabled by default.

Step 7. To store application data, you can choose the D drive.

Step 8. Garena Free Fire version is available for download.

Step 9. A game file can be added using ARC.

Step 10. The game can now be tested and the functionality can be checked.

How To Play Free Fire Without Using Emulator

How to Play Free Fire on a PC Using an Android Emulator?

Gamers have been looking for alternatives to PUBG Mobile since it was banned in India last year. It has worked in favor of Garena’s Android mobile game Free Fire, which was declared the most downloaded in 2021. As the multiplayer battle royale game continues to gain popularity, millions of players have signed up. Mobile users can only download Free Fire from the respective app stores on iOS or Android smartphones.

The benefits of the iPhone are not limited to users of Windows laptops/PCs and Macs. You can download the Free Fire game on PC by following the simple step-by-step instructions below. The following overview will help you while you are downloading the Free Fire game for PC/laptop, run on Windows laptops, and Mac computers.

System requirements for Free Fire on PC

You need a PC with the following specifications in order to run Garena Free Fire

  • Core i5 or the latest version
  • The Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 graphics chip
  • The memory of at least 2 GB, storage of at least 4 GB
  • The most recent OS version for Windows PCs and Macs

Are you ready for this? That’s good. Let’s now examine how to download the game Free Fire for PC.

Step 1. You can use BlueStacks to download an android emulator.

Step 2. Install it on your Windows or Mac computer and open it.

Step 3. After opening Google Play, log into your Gmail account and open Google Play.

Step 4. Use the search bar to find Free Fire.

Step 5. Download it by clicking on the Install button.

A large amount of data has to be downloaded and your Internet speed is also an important factor. The game will be installed automatically upon installation and you will enjoy playing Free Fire.

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