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How to get Elite Pass for free in Free Fire PC? Garena Free Fire offers the Elite Pass and Elite Bundle every season, and players can unlock these exclusive rewards by completing missions. To level up and earn rewards, players must collect badges by completing missions. In the game, the Elite Bundle costs about 999 Diamonds, while the Elite Pass costs around 499 Diamonds.

The main difference between the Elite Bundle and Elite Pass is that the Elite Bundle unlocks some extra rewards immediately. In fact, these diamonds cost quite a bit, which is why players tend to find hacks and mods online to get them for free, which is against the law and can result in a  permanent ban. You can earn the diamonds to buy a Free Fire elite pass for free in Free Fire by doing the following legal things.

Free Fire Elite Pass – Get it now!

The following are some ways to earn free diamonds in order to get a free Elite Pass:

#1 Online surveys

How to get Elite Pass for free in Free Fire PC

What is an online survey?

Generally, an online survey is a structured questionnaire that your target audience completes over the internet by filling out a form. In addition to a trained expert review of the data, the survey tool typically stores and processes the data in a database.

What are the purposes of online surveys?

Respondents are able to access online surveys through numerous ways, including email, embedded over websites, and social media. Online surveys are implemented by organizations to gain insights and feedback about upcoming products and services, marketing strategies, enhancements in current features,  etc.

Relation Between Free Fire Elite Pass and online survey

Free diamonds can be obtained in this way easily. Online surveys are paid for by a number of legit apps or websites like Google Opinion Rewards. You can buy diamonds using these apps by using money or Google Play Store credits. They can use these diamonds to purchase the Elite Pass without having to pay for it.

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#2 In-game events

How to get Elite Pass for free in Free Fire PC

Every so often, the game introduces different events that give players more diamonds or offer them discounts to buy them. To save money while buying diamonds, players should always check out the latest in-game event. An event was recently introduced that offered players up to 500 extra diamonds free as part of the 100% Bonus Diamond top-up event.

#3 Google Play Free Credit

How to get Elite Pass for free in Free Fire PC

It is possible to buy diamonds with Google Play Credit given randomly away by the Google Play Store. When they select an amount for the purchase, Google Play Credits will be automatically deducted from the payment. This means that Diamonds are cheaper to buy, and the Elite Pass is almost free.

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